Evolves NextFit Smartwatch Specification with pros & cons

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch
88 / 100

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch looks like just a premium watch, but we don’t know that after buying this smartwatch how it’s performed, because Evolves NextFit Smartwatch looks like a great smartwatch but what is reality.

Today in this post we are discussing Evolves NextFit Smartwatch in full review & this smartwatch is good for using daily and ruff uses? in this post, we are also sharing some information about This Smartwatch with pros and cons.

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch
Evolves NextFit Smartwatch

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch Specification

This smartwatch looks like amazfit smartwatch, but this smartwatch brand and features are different, This Smartwatch comes with a 1.4inch full touch IPS display with 2.5D curved glass.

As the image shows, this smartwatch comes with a full view display, but this smartwatch has not a full view display, this display is visible in sunlight, This Smartwatch comes with IP68 waterproof so every buyer use this smartwatch underwater & swimming. This Smartwatch comes with an HR Blood oxygen monitor, it helps to measure your body oxygen level. This Smartwatch also comes with a multi-sports mode function so every sportsman, the athletic, gym also use this smartwatch for daily life fitness basics. This Smartwatch also comes with an Incoming call alert and vibration, a Long press to reject calls, SMS, and app notifications. This Smartwatch made with a zinc-Mg alloy body.

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch looks like a great smartwatch, this smartwatch comes in different color, so we are already discussing the specification of this smartwatch, so now we discuss what is pros and what is cons of this smartwatch because we all know that every electronic device has pros have cons and we are also discussing can you buy this Smartwatch?


Pros & Cons

  • 1- Display is so good
  • 2- Display Visible in sunlight
  • 3- Battery backup so good (10 days)
  • 4- Support notification alert
  • 5- Build & quality is so pretty
  • 6- Touch response is so good
  • 7- No Heating issue
  • 8- Use daily life but no issue found
  • 9- No lag No hang in UI
  • 10- Price is so aggressive- ₹ 3,099.00
  • 1- Does not support fast charging
  • 2- Received call not availble
  • 3- No Display protection

Evolves NextFit Smartwatch is a very good smartwatch under 4000 because Evolves NextFit Smartwatch provides the best quality, best design, best features in this price segment. So overall this smartwatch is worth, every smartwatch lovers this is a good choice to buy this product.

Share Personal Experience with this smartwatch

Personally, I used this smartwatch for 3 months, so I will share my best experience with this smartwatch. This smartwatch display is pretty good, its visible in sunlight no issue fetching to see time in sunlight. This smartwatch battery backup is also so good all most 10 days I got battery backup, this smartwatch face interface also fast, many smartwatches come with a laggy and slow interface, but this smartwatch interface is fast no fetching issue in face interface.

So overall this smartwatch is to good as the budget, I hope this post is helpful for every buyer who thinks to buy this smartwatch. Thank You.



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